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Under Water


We Design


From beginning to end, we'll help you build your dream aquarium. Whether you’re looking for a fresh water aquarium or a saltwater one with the beauty of a coral reef, we’ll work with you to design the perfect setup.


  • Custom acrylic or glass aquariums

  • Custom cabinetry to match your existing furniture and décor

  • A wide variety of freshwater fish and saltwater livestock including fish, corals, and invertebrates

Reed building new stand for custom acrylic aquarium
We Install
Reed working on the sump plumbing for new tank install


Along with creating your customized tank and enclosure, we are experts at hiding all the mechanical equipment associated with an aquarium setup. Well-designed systems make aquarium maintenance much simpler and effective.


  • Chillers and Heaters

  • Automatic Feeders

  • Advanced LED Lighting

  • Protein Skimmers and Filters

  • Automatic Water Top-Off Systems

  • Crystal Clear Acrylic or Glass Aquariums


so you can "Tank It Easy"

We offer full-service maintenance for all types of aquarium setups.  Let us take care of the balances of important chemicals and natural elements in your aquarium’s water.  We will handle the cleaning of your filtration and protein skimmers along with managing your water changes, fish food supply, and livestock.  We take pride in knowing that your tank is as healthy as it can be.

Guys reading instructions for reef tank nutrients

A typical service includes multiple steps including (but not limited to)

  • Algae Wiping

  • Water Changes

  • Filtration Maintenance

  • Chemical Balancing (Salinity, PH, Calcium/Alkalinity, Etc.)

  • Decoration Swaps

  • Aquarium Medication (If Necessary)

Tank It Easy
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